Robbie Rabbit & Hetty Hen

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These rustic, wood effect animals are great and look brilliant next to any of the new jugs in stock.   Both in white the rabbit stands 14.5 cm tall and the chicken 15.5 cm tall



These are an absolute Willow and Hen favourite.   Who can resist a cute rabbit or chicken perched on their windowsill or mantelpiece, please note these are not suitable for young children as they can break.   Wood effect and rustic in appearance.

Robbie rabbit stands 14.5 cm tall

Hetty Hen 15.5 cm tall


Note:   this product is intended for use as decoration not suitable as a toy

Robbie Rabbit & Hetty Hen

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Rabbit, Chicken

1 review for Robbie Rabbit & Hetty Hen

  1. Jules White

    I have 2x of the rabbits and one of the hen, they are really cute!

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