I love interiors and one of my biggest passions is helping others to achieve the home they want and love.  

I do not design show homes, all my designs are for people who live in their houses and want to achieve a warm, cosy, practical space that when they walk through the front door, they can kick off their shoes and relax.


Prior to each package I will contact you and we will discuss YOUR requirements as this is a collaborative process and it is important that you feel comfortable working with me. This will be a free 30 minute telephone, skype or home visit.


I offer various packages to suit everyone:


Picture the scenario, you have finally moved into your new home, the boxes are unpacked, the furniture has been put into each room and pictures are ready to be hung on the wall, but you are not happy, something isn’t right, your favourite sofa now looks too big or just doesn’t suit its new environment, those once treasured pictures look out of place where you had envisioned them.  


Let me come along and spend a couple of hours helping you to find the solution to these and any other problems you are encountering,  we can tailor this package to a particular room, space or even the whole house. 


Have you got a room that no longer suits your lifestyle, feels out of odds with the rest of the house or just needs some TLC? Maybe you are either too busy or just cannot decide how to bring it up to date or make it fulfill your wish list. 


After the initial consultation as above, we will arrange a time for me to visit your home, we will sit and chat about what your expectations are and I will ask lots of questions so that I can ascertain exactly what you want to achieve.   There is no real time limit on this visit but it usually takes a couple of hours, I will also take photographs of the space and measurements of the room.


I will then go away and create a mood board, room layout and a list of suppliers, all through this process I will be liaising with you to ensure that you are happy with the style, colours, fabrics etc. I will then revisit with a completed mood board fabric samples, paint colours, and a complete list of suppliers. We will then talk through the mood board in-depth and I can answer any questions you may have. Included in the package is all the above plus one further review to ensure it meets all your requirements and a 10% discount voucher for the on-line shop. 



Let’s discuss what you want and what the solution would be to achieve this and I can then tailor a package to suit YOU.   I’m a firm believer that nothing should be set in stone and if neither of the above packages are for you, let’s chat and work out what would suit you.  These packages can be big or small no limitations, it could be you are struggling with window dressings, placement of furniture, soft furnishings or a renovation project.  


Whichever package you choose, you will always get a free 10% discount voucher for The Willow and Hen online shop. 



I’ve designed the Hetty Box for all you busy people out there who would like my help but either don’t have the time for a consultation, or would like to do a bit of designing yourself; maybe you just live too far away for me to come and see you, but would like to work with me and the gang on a virtual basis.  


So how does the Hetty Box work?



Do you want to go shopping for your new room or revamped space but either don’t know where to go, would like some specialist advice on your purchases or just somebody to offer friendly advice.   We can book either a day/half day or few hours whichever suits you and we can go looking for your home purchases (obviously coffee and maybe cake will be included). 



Has your house been on the market for a while and you don’t know why?   

Are you just about to put your house up for sale and would like to give it the best chance in a competitive market?  

Are you and Estate Agent who has a house that would benefit from tlc?  


Then we at Willow and Hen can help, I have sold my last 3 houses all within a week of putting them on the market, WHY? 


One of the reasons is I know how to dress a house for sale purposes, what to get rid off, what to add, how to give the prospective buyer the best impression.   As you know I have 2 big dogs and one of the best compliments I received from prospective buyers and my estate agent is that they never even knew I had dogs.    This package can be bespoke to your requirements, contact me to discuss.



Do you shop online and ever wish you could see the products up close and personal?

Do you love an evening in with friends, chatting, swapping ideas and shopping together?

Well now you can do all of that with a Willow and Hen party.

"If you love the sound of any of these packages then let’s get together over a coffee and have a chat"


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